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Any truck manufactured before 2007 is not fitted with DPF filters. This can be easily remedied by bringing your vehicle to DEE for retrofitting. Depending on your vehicle make, model and year, DEE offers recommendations best suited to you.

We choose HUSS TRU retrofit kits for Thermo King and Carrier quite simply because HUSS is the only company today with a verified BAT Level 3+ solution listed on the CARB website.

HUSS delivers:

  • Automatic and fast regeneration
  • Minimal interference of usage routine
  • Special kit design grants smart integration
  • Long loading period of the filter meets CARB level 3+ ULETRU standard
  • Extended service intervals for minimizing costs
  • Fulfills manufacturers’ requirements
  • TRU restart in case of filter malfunction LED light bar for operators visibility

Under the brand Mobiclean®, round filter systems can be offered with active or passive regeneration systems. It is suitable for applications in ranges on- and off-road for engines up to 900hp. Mobiclean round filters are available with different regeneration systems:

  • Mobliclean R Basic
  • Mobiclean R Advanced
  • Mobiclean R Electro
  • Mobiclean R Flame

In addition to these standard systems, we also offer especially adapted systems for particle filtration and NOx reduction.


DEE works with public and privately owned fleets as well as independently-owned and operated vehicles.  Ask customers why they come to DEE and these reasons typically rise to the top:

Reliability – We have stringent procedures in place along with a rigorous cleaning process. What does this mean to you?  We are consistently good at what we do. That’s good for you.

Mobility – Can’t come to us?  We’ll come to you. We offer service 7-days a week.

Quality – We provide a range of filters from Mobiclean® round filter systems that can be offered with an active or passive regeneration system to a full line of aftermarket filters for 2007 and newer factory DPF’s to fit medium duty trucks, buses and heavy duty class 8 diesel trucks.

Guaranteed – All of our filters are guaranteed to install as a direct fit part and work with your truck’s ECU.

Here is an overview of our inspection process:

  • Inspect filter upon arrival.
  • Record filter’s serial number, customer’s information and unit number.
  • Inspect and test filter cell walls. Record any damage, defects and test results.
  • Record flow through filter.
  • Perform Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning.
  • Inspect and test filter to determine if Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning is necessary. Record test results.
  • Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning if necessary.
  • Perform second Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning.
  • Inspect and test filter using the trap tester. Record flow through filter.

OEM Diagnosis

We have the software and capabilities to plug in and test, diagnose and troubleshoot all OEM systems. Our software pulls up fault codes, and our trained and experienced technicians will accurately resolve any issues. Avoid long wait times and high costs at dealers.

Opacity Test

Annual PSIP inspections are required of diesel and bus fleet owners to meet emission compliance measures. Starting in 2019, the state of California will enforce opacity tests. If your heavy-duty vehicle is traveling in the state of California, you can expect it to be ARB tested at border crossings, CHP weigh stations, fleet facilities and randomly selected locations. Steep penalties come with violations as well as the requirement for the vehicle to be repaired and retested. Don’t be caught in a fog of smog. The professional certified team at DEE is available to you 7 days week.  Following is what you can expect from a DEE opacity test:

  • The information is electronically backed up for the convenience of annual service as well as security back up.
  • Each truck receives a windshield sticker that displays compliance and can easily be seen at roadside set-ups and weigh stations.
  • Each truck is checked for the Emissions Control Label. We’ll let you know which ones are missing or illegible so that you can replace it without receiving a citation.

Meet state regulations, boost performance and do your part to clean the air with an opacity test from DEE.


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